Understanding Disinfection

With the recent Covid19 pandemic, the need to sanitise is greater than ever!

It is critical that we prepare ourselves to combat all kinds of infectious diseases and respiratory illnesses. In order to understand what we are up against and how to fight this, we need to understand the distinction among cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting.


Cleaning is the physical action of removing dirt and debris using soaps and detergents. When you wash your hands with soap, or clean your clothes or a surface with detergent, the surfactant molecules found in detergents help water to get a hold of grease and dirt, break them up, and wash them away. In most cases there is no proven disinfectant agent within soaps which can kill pathogens, germs, and allergens.



Sanitisation is designed to reduce the number of microorganisms to a safe level. Sanitising should be performed after cleaning for best results. Unclean surfaces will reduce the effectiveness of sanitising which is why we recommend that your facility is cleaned prior to our service.


Disinfecting describes the process that eliminates many or all pathogenic organisms. Purely Sanitise utilises only the highest grade Clorox® disinfectant which kills 99.9% of pathogens including Coronavirus, Cold & Flu viruses, Norovirus & MRSA just to name a few.


Electrostatic Application

Electrostatic spraying works by using an electrode to introduce an attractive charge to the disinfecting or sanitising product and atomises the solution, using an air compressor to generate a quiet, but powerful liquid flow.

Because the solution’s particles are electrostatically charged, they are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity, allowing the solution to reach and uniformly coat even hard-to-reach surfaces.

Electrostatic application requires less time than any other method, uses less product and is much less labour intensive and in turn, more cost effective!


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