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Common questions customers ask
Who is Purely Sanitise available to?

Purely Sanitise are operating in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. We specialise in sanitising and disinfecting large scale facilities such as schools, resorts and gyms as well as small businesses like cafes, salons and offices. We also offer home services.

Does Purely Sanitise contain bleach?

No. Bleach is a very harsh and quite dangerous chemical, especially when misused. It can potentially harm your clothes as well as your skin. When used in the right proportion with water, it is true that bleach can sanitise a pre-washed, non-porous surface; but it almost does nothing in terms of cleaning it. If you sanitise a surface without cleaning it, bacteria can grow again soon right after the product dries off.

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting?

Cleaning is the removal of debris such as organic and inorganic material (often called “soil”) from objects and surfaces. 

Sanitising is the reduction, not killing, of organisms on a surface. 

Disinfecting will kill the microscopic organisms on a surface.

Does Purely Sanitise kill COVID19?

Our Clorox® Total 360® electrostatic disinfecting service  kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and is registered to kill 44 organisms including COVID19, MRSA, Norovirus and cold/flu viruses in 2 minutes or less.

How often is treatment required?

We recommend a sanitisation treatment every 28 days. If a known contamination or outbreak occurs, an emergency reactive disinfection service is recommended.


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